About Us

Goat Peak Ranch Retreat Center in Ronan, Montana is a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to support male cancer survivors and their family/caregivers to have a time to relax, recharge and connect.


Goat Peak Ranch Retreat Center Mission:


Goat Peak Ranch works to provide a retreat space for past and present male cancer patients and their families to allow them to spend quality family time away from the hospital, cancer center, chemo center, etc. We provide a place to relax, heal and connect with each other and their families on a deeper level, and allow them to take a mental break from their condition by providing accommodations and outdoor recreation activities.


Three/Four Day Survivor/Caregiver Retreat

Goat Peak Ranch takes a holistic approach to offering support for our guests: emotional, spiritual and physical. Survivor/Caregiver Retreats offer facilitated courageous conversation about the impact cancer has on their lives. 

Includes lodging, meals, snacks and outings to local attractions at no cost to guests. Guests are responsible for transportation to/from the ranch.


Three Day Survivor and Family Retreat

We offer a free three day stay of men with cancer and their immediate family. The ranch has spaces for meditation and contemplation. Fishing, hiking, horseback riding, etc. are nearby.  On request, we can facilitate courageous conversations with the family. Guests provide their own food, transportation and costs associated with local activities.


Gatherings for Men with Cancer

Goat Peak Ranch holds one day meetings for men with cancer. These meetings focus on fellowship and learning more about the emotional impact cancer has on their lives as well as the lives of those around them. Our meeting space is also available to local cancer support groups.


Caregiver Retreats/Workshops

These workshops are meant for caregivers to give them a chance to step back, breathe, reconnect to themselves and others and to find support from others that are engaged in this emotionally difficult role.

Outing experiences include the National Bison Range, Glacier National Park, touring Flathead Lake, fly fishing with a professional guide, horseback riding at local guest ranches, Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana, bird watching, hiking and more! 

All retreats are facilitated by Coy Theobalt, MA. Coy's work with men with cancer spans two decades. He co-founded Reel Recovery, a national non-profit offering men with cancer fly fishing trips and emotional support.  Coy served as the National Program Director for this organization. He is responsible for creating the courageous conversations model used by Reel Recovery for their group meetings. We will use a similar approach at Goat Peak Ranch Retreat.  

Coy's passion for working with men with cancer has grown over time as well as seeing the need for caregivers and families to get support. With his business partner, Ms. Charlie Davis, they are creating a sacred space for men with cancer, their caregivers and families

Coy's work expands beyond cancer work. He is the co-founder of Colorado's Boys to Men program, a national organization helping young men ages thirteen to seventeen become healthy men by teaching them to develop their emotional intelligence while learning to process their anger in healthy, non-destructive ways.

Coy is also a psychotherapist with more than 20,000 hours working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

These are our planned retreats and accommodations. Be aware some offerings may not be available immediately. Contact us directly for more information.