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We invite you to apply to stay with us, for free, for up to three nights. Come alone, or bring a loved one, or your family- whatever you need to relax, recharge and connect with your loved one(s) and take a mental break from your condition.

Adult men (age 21+) in any stage of treatment, recovery or in full remission from all forms of cancer are eligible to attend one of Goat Peak Ranch's three day retreats. Men are welcome to invite their caregiver/family to a retreat. The number of family members allowed will be based on availability. Please contact us for more information.

Your stay at Goat Peak Ranch for a retreat is completely free to the participants. We provide all meals, lodging and other activities. Participants, caregivers and family members are responsible for their own transportation to and from the ranch.

When retreats are not in session, we offer free lodging to men with cancer and their families for up to four nights. Guests are responsible for their meals, transportation and other activities. Go to our accommodations page to check availability via AirBnb. Or, contact us directly via email or phone.

A signed MEDICAL RELEASE from a physician must be received prior to attending a Retreat.

Please complete the on-line application form. We will notify you within (14) fourteen days of your status. Be sure to indicate the start date of the retreat you plan to attend. For a print application, please click here.

Goat Peak Ranch is a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of supporting male cancer survivors and their caregivers/families. We provide a space to relax, heal and connect with loved ones and take a mental break from their cancer experience.

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