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Changes, goodbyes and THANK YOU!

We would like to announce our newest board members to Goat Peak Ranch Retreat. Jon Beard is a local dentist, associated with Western Montana Family Dentistry in Ronan, MT. Andrew West is the President of our local tribal bank, Eagle Bank in Polson, MT. They both bring great enthusiasm as well a new ideas for assisting Goat Peak Ranch in it’s continued growth and expansion.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bruce Gallagher of Rifle, Colorado and Rhonda Hunter of New Hope, Arkansas for their service to Goat Peak Ranch Retreat this past year. Their support, on many levels, has helped us move onto our next phase of growth. Thanks for believing in and supporting our vision.

Please take a minute to read each of their Bio’s on our Board of Directors page.

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support of our goal to fill the need of providing emotional support for men with cancer and their caregivers and families.

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