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"it's about time somebody did something for men."

Charlie and I recently visited a local cancer center here in NW Montana. We chatted with the receptionist about our vision of offering our ranch to male cancer survivors  and their families and caregivers. I was taken back by her response. She said, "Well, it’s about time somebody did something for the men”. This response reminded me of how important our work is at this time.

Men have been left out of the cancer support equation for too long. In my experience with working with male cancer survivors, I have learned most of them are leading lives of quiet desperation. They are yearning for a place to have a voice, to tell their stories, and share their pain. They just don’t have a safe place to do this.

After facilitating more than 70 retreats for men with cancer over the past twenty years, I have come to understand that the caregivers and families of men with cancer need support as well. It is our hope the ranch will provide the opportunity for these men and their families to spend quality time together and have important conversations about what is most important to them.

Goat Peak Ranch is a place offering men a safe environment to come to relax and get away from the daily grind of having cancer. We offer a quiet setting that is rustic but elegant with an abundance of wildlife all around.

Now we need you support more than ever. Next week we are picking up our first “Glamping” tent for the property. Each of these tents with a platform and furnishing cost about $5,000. Our goal is to have three of these luxury tents for our guests. Each will have a kitchenette so guests can do light meals. They will also have a heat source if needed with either a wood stove or a propane stove.

We have well over 250 people on our Facebook page that have “liked” us. If each of you gave only $10, we would have enough money to completely finish our first luxury glamping tent and furnish it as well! This structure will allow us to invite another man with cancer to come with his family to enjoy NW Montana and provide a chance to talk about what matters most to them at this time in their lives.

If you don’t already know, men with a cancer diagnosis can bring his family for 4 nights at no cost. Goat Peak Ranch will never ask a cancer survivor to pay for their stay. This is our gift to them and their families.

Your financial support is what makes the ranch free to guests that come here. Please consider a $10 donation to help someone with cancer find a relaxing place to come with their families and spend precious time together without the interruptions daily life present.

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