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Sad news from Goat Peak Ranch

Dear Supporters of Goat Peak Ranch Retreat, We wanted to give you the latest update on our ongoing challenges with complying with our county and the state of Montana in getting our non-profit properly permitted for wastewater, multi-user drinking water and licensed for vacation rentals. The latest blow to us came about a month ago when the Department for Environmental Quality deemed our project a “campground”. Initially, this seemed like great news to us as we knew we met all the requirements for being licensed. Until we didn’t. Their decision started a new requirement for us to either drill a new water well or improve our current water well and divert water from the creek that runs in front of our house. Even though our water well produces excellent water that did not seem to satisfy the state requirement for our well now becoming a ‘municipal use well’. We’ve tested our drinking water three times in the last two years and there are absolutely no issues with the safety or quality of the water. These upgrades or changes would have cost the non-profit between $30,000 and $40,000.  We were also told that we could no longer operate our AirBnB to fund the non-profit until we were licensed or we could be prosecuted. This leaves us with no income coming in to pay for these upgrades. We have personally invested over $40,000 to date to build this project and we have no more funds to add. After many sleepless nights and courageous conversations, we along with our board of directors, have decided to pull the plug on the project and dissolve the non-profit status for the retreat center. We will no longer be offering our space as an AirBnB to guests to help fund the non-profit. We will be deciding on how to sell any and all of the non-profit’s  assets. When all the bills are paid, all the remaining funds will be distributed to other like minded non-profits by our board of directors. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to all of you who supported our blood, sweat and tears project the last two and half years. For those of you who donated money to Goat Peak Ranch Retreat, we are thankful. To those of you that donated your time or materials, we are also very thankful. We are also grateful to those of you that simply urged us to keep going. Your encouragement meant everything to us. So, as we say goodbye to our dream, we also say hello to other opportunities to be of service here in the beautiful Mission Valley of Montana. We are already facilitating a cancer support group and serving meals for Cheerful Heart to cancer patients getting their treatments. We also drive patients to Missoula and Kalispell to get their treatments. We plan on continuing our involvement as well as expanding it to serve our neighbors.  If you are ever out west in your travels we would love to have you join us on the porch for a glass of wine and a magnificent sunset. With unending gratitude and love,  Coy and Charlie

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